2018 Annual Performance

2018 Annual Performance and Graduation Ceremony

Alice in the Wonderland 2.0


“Tick Tock, Tick Tock…” Hold your breath, watch your time!

Join our Tea-party, enjoy the crazy journey!


“Alice in the Wonderland 2.0”
2nd August, the birthday of Alice!
Where is Alice? OMG! She dropped into a tree hole with her sister? And a RABBIT? Drank a mysterious orange juice just because it is written “DRINK IT”? Ate a wild mushroom and became a giant? REALLY? A lazy Caterpillar, a cat with separated head and body, an international animal running race? Alice walked into a crazy tea-party, and made the Queen of Hearts want to cut her head off? Can the court help her out!?
Alice’s birthday became an incredible adventure! Now pack your things, jump into the tree hole, and explore the Kingdom of Hearts!