Parent’s sharing

Parent's Sharing

Ho Man Tin school – Mother of Lai Wing Tung

My daughter joined Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School when she was three. She loves it since the trial class, and still practicing on her ballet everyday.


One day, my daughter was asked to join a performance. I was shocked when I first saw her practicing with mnemonic phrase at home. She became immersed in practising. I am curious about how the school make her becomes so proactive.


On the day of first performance, I can hardly believe that my little angel is so confident on stage. Her teammate and her remembered every single steps and moves. I heard that the audience at the back are talking about my daughter’s team, about how confident and cute they are. After this show, my daughter got more chance to on stages. I am grateful for all the opportunities given to my daughter, and I am excited that Wing Tung received Gold medal and Silver medal in the Challenge Cup 2017, in Group Dance, and in Solo Dance.


When we are preparing for the competition, Ms Waisa spent her own break time to practice with my daughter, and discuss her performance with me. I believe this is one great reason for her huge improvement. I am appreciate for all the chances the School has given to my daughter, in which every performance trained her confident, and her dancing skills.


Another point worth crediting is that, the speed of uploading photos. It is sweet to see Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School uploads photos on Facebook page, so that we can enjoy the performance of those adorable kids again right after the show.

Mother of Wing Tung

Ma On Shan School – Parents of Poon Hoi Ching

Hoi Ching have danced in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School over two years.

I remember that moment vividly, she stared at the display Ballet dress whenever we walked pass the school entrance, and that is the beginning of of story with the school.

Principal and vice principal put full afford to seize everyone’s potential. They treasure every opportunity to let their students join performance and competitions, in order to let they gain on-stage experience, and boost their confidence and skills.

It is really lucky that my child met Ms Law Piu Kwan. She is friendly and kind to everyone, so that Hoi Ching can enjoy dancing while improving.

Thank you everyone in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School. You guys are friendly, kind, patient to students and parents, especially, Ms Ying and Ms Siu Wan!

Wish my daughter will even enjoy more in dancing in the future, and be happy with it!

Giving full support to Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School, and wish they can motivate more talented to develop their ability!

Tseung Kwan O school – Mother of Wong Lai Ting

My family and me would like to say thank you to Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School. We appreciate the patient teaching from the school, giving them support and flexibility! My two daughters started their dancing from here, learned all kinds of techniques and soon become their interest. Thank You!

Tuen Mun School – Mother of Chan Ching Tong

I am satisfied with Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School. I signed up for the course because the public performance from the school was amazing. Overall, teachers and staff are polite. My daughter loves to go to the school, and coming back smiling everyday. Thanks for the teaching from Ms Chan Lok Ying. My daughter loves her very much.

Whampoa school – Mother of Hung Hay Yin

My daughter was a girl that cannot leave her mother. She will cry for “Mommy!” for almost everything, until the day she went to Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School. At the first three lessons, she was still asking for my presence in the studio, but soon she enjoys the lesson and became more independent. Now she can go to lesson by herself, telling me that “so happy to dance”. One more point to mention, Ms Chiu was trying so hard to let her lesson become interesting and fun!

Tseung Kwan O school – Mother of Leung Cheuk Yau, Leung Cheuk Yiu

My daughters have learned dancing in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School over a year. We would like to say thank you to Ms Milk, Ms Fung and Ms Chong for their patience and kindness, and everyone in the school for their friendliness. With their effort, my daughter Cheuk Yau is now an elegant sweet lady that willing to listen to commands and communicate with others.

We wish Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School can maintain their quality over the coming years, and work hard on developing children’ potential. Thank you!

Ho Man Tin School  – Mother of Lee Fok Ting

Float Parade performance in 2014 is the first time I ever know about Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School. I decided to let my daughter join the school when I saw those little angels dancing gorgeously.


My daughter was just two years old at that time. We went to the nearest school, and registered for the trial class. She loves it. Teachers in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School are kind, friendly and patient. I can tell that, the daughter is slowly becoming a dancer.


Till now, she passed two A.T.O.D. examination, and going on stage very soon. I am grateful to see my daughter grew this much over the years, and appreciate the patient teaching from the school. I am anticipating to see that, one day, my daughter grew into a lovely elegant lady with Jazz.

Tuen Mun school – Parents of Pak Nga Lok, Charlotte

Charlotte have learned dancing in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School for almost a year. The professionalism, patience and kindness of the teachers train my daughter into a proactive student that can keep her focus over time. She is now dedicated to dancing, and enjoy the learning. Additional, teachers and staff are polite and patient.

Ma On Shan School – Mother of Wu Hoi Kiu

My daughter, Hoi Kiu started dancing from 2.5 years old in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School, and she is now 6 years old. She improves a lot in dancing skills and group communication. I would like to say, dancing shaped her positive personality. I am grateful and appreciate for the caring from the professional teachers, and well-trained staff. The school provided her numerous on stage opportunities, and let raised her confident and horizon.

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and staff, for what they have done to Hoi Kiu! Thank you!


何文田分校 – 游希渝

不經不覺希渝已經在羅逸雅芭蕾舞學校學習跳舞一年多了,看見她明顯的進步,充滿自信 , 實有賴各老師的耐心教導,而且整體的教學氣氛跟環境讓孩子非常喜歡, 希望希渝繼續努力,在老師的帶領下在跳舞方面發放異彩。


Ma On Shan school – Parents of Chu Ngoi Kei, Sofia

Sofia’s interest in Ballet begins with the playgroup programme in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School when she was 14 months old, and now she is 5. Teachers from the school are patient and friendly.

Sofia anticipates for the lesson every single day, and I am grateful that the school provides lots of performing opportunities, so that Sofia can show her talent to the public.

South Horizons School – Mother of Hay Yu

My daughter Hau Yu began studying in Shelly Lo Jazz & Ballet School from June 2017. Reception staff are friendly, cooperative, and willing to help everyone in the school. Teachers are professional and polite. Performance are great, and I can tell that everyone is trying their best to make the show a great one.

I wish my daughter will continue her remarkable performance in the upcoming shows!